Lasta-Music Educational Program

hor lasta

Lasta-Music Educational Program was implemented in 2017. The project was designed by Art Aparat and it was organised thanks to the sponsorship of UNHCR Serbia and under the organization of the PIN- Psychological Innovations Network. The project aimed to strengthen the capacity of refugees from the war zones that currently reside in Serbia.

Work with adolescents from the refugee population was conducted through the musical workshops, and the professional production of two songs and the performance at the World Refugee Day in KC Rex, organized by the UN, where out LASTA choir performed with the Gradski hor from Belgrade.

Through all the activities carried out within this project, the aim was to promote cultural exchange, communication, cooperation and togetherness, as well as to achieve the access to the public space in order to animate this vulnerable group and encourage gradual acclimatization to the European society.