Brixton center-Center for learning english through the musical theater

Brixton Center is a center for developing methodologies for learning English through music.

The center was founded as an initiative of Art Aparat Assosiation in 2016. During two years, from 2016-2018, we gathered a team of music and english teachers and organised series of workshops, with an aim of developing specific methodology for learning foreign language mainly through musical activities. 

Our idea was to develop an active language learning method. By putting the participants of pre school age in a variety of dramatic situations, out goal was to build knowledge constantly, thus achieving the long-term adoption of the learned content.
Music theater, as a dramatic form that involves singing, acting and dancing, was proven to be really useful for language learning because it engaged a child creatively, which encouraged not only the development of linguistic, but also musical and social skills. 

During our workshops, we created original audio and video materials in our music studio and professionally produced songs, sketches and radio dramas.
As a result of this work, the participants were not just trained for basic communication, but also for self-adaptation to different unfamiliar language situations.

Our integrative approach combined standard pre-school English learning curriculum, with music and drama classes. On the music classes, besides learning to sing songs in English, participants were involved in the process of creation-they participated in creating all the materials we produced-they created songs and videos with us. Level and type of participation was changing and increasing over time with gaining knowledge and social skills. During these workshops we learned how to improve participation level, and how to inspire participants to communication, collaboration and creativity.

From 2016-2018, Brixton center created and published many materials on YouTube. All of the materials were made with using participatory approach.