Who are we?

Art Aparat gathers people who believe in equality, freedom and solidarity and who use music as a tool to promote these values ​​in the community. The organization was founded in 2015 by a group of music artists and researchers in the field of culture. Today, Art Aparat also gathers experts from the fields of psychology, youth work and other complementary fields, who work together to develop programs that contribute to learning, psycho-social empowerment and building inclusive communities through music.


Maja Ćurčić

Maja Curcic is a music teacher and composer. She graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Department of General Music Pedagogy. She is the initiator of several projects that use music as a tool for social inclusion. As a composer, she is an author of music for theater and ballet performances, films, video works, art installations, animated series and TV commercials.

Marko Đukić

Marko Djukic is a sound designer, composer and music producer. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Department of Sound Recording and Design. In addition to composing music, he is also engaged in video production. As a composer, he is the author of music for films, plays, art installations, TV commercials and video games, as well as music videos, short films and other short video forms.

Svetlana Damnjanović

Svetlana Damnjanović is an anthropologist- For the last fourteen years she has been involved in fundraising and connecting the business and civil sector. She likes to read and is the founder of the publishing house Mastilo izdavaštvo. She was hired as an associate for fundraising and program design.

Ilir Gaši

Ilir Gashi is an expert in public communications and sustainable media development, and in recent years he has increasingly used art in his work to address some of the most complex topics.
Founder and long-term coordinator of various programs and projects in the civil sector, former copywriter, creative director and journalist, still unrealized musician and active hitchhiker. At Art Aparat, he is a consultant for the production of various media formats.

Danijela Jović

Danijela Jović is a psychologist, but also one of the most active people in the filed of youth work in Belgrade and Serbia. She works as a consultant in the field of non- profit management and youth policies, and she is engaged in Art Aparat as an associate for non-formal education programs.

Marija Nikolić

Marija Nikolić is a music teacher and multi-instrumentalist. She graduated in conducting from the Faculty of Music in Nis. She worked as a music teacher in elementary school for more than 10 years. She is an active DJ. She was engaged in Art Aparat as a music teacher and a member of the band.