Promotion of art as a a tool for social change

We encourage exchange between artists and youth workers, organize workshops, trainings, public talks and discussions, with the aim of encouraging the use of art as a tool for social change in education and youth work.


Organization of intercultural workshops and trainings for teachers, youth workers and other practitioners in formal and informal education

Art Aparat cooperates with schools and organizations throughout Serbia. The workshops and trainings we conduct aim to help volunteers, youth workers, artists, teachers and other practitioners in the field of formal and informal education to develop intercultural competences, map existing problems in the community and offer some of the solutions, by using art.

Some of the topics we cover in the workshops: 

  • How to approach work to work with minorities and members of sensitive social groups
  •  How to foster interculturality in a group
  •  What musical tools can we use, even if we are not musicians
  •  Methodology of working with children and young people who do not attend school regularly or at all.
  •  How to promote equality in your environment in a way that includes all people and creates
  • solidarity and friendship instead of new divisions.

Divan hub

Divan hub is a project of three organizations – Art Aparat, Belgrade center for Human Rights and Philopolitics. The goal of the project is to gather artists who use art as a tool for social change, promote exchange of their artistic practices, strengthen cooperation between educational institutions and civil society organizations, and promote art as a tool for social change.

To achieve these goals, we organize workshops, round tables, public events and publish various content. In the first phase of the project, a brochure promoting art as a tool for social change was created. Currently, the project is in its second phase, during which the cultural exchange will expand to include an exchange between artists from Serbia and artists from the region and Europe.