Socially Engaged
Artistic Production

We believe that art can be a powerful tool for raising important social topics in the community. We work on the production of songs, video works, plays, exhibitions and engage artists in order to raise awareness in the community.


Interdisciplinary exhibition “Hear the history. Belgrade Confluence” (Cultural centre Grad, 2018)

The exhibition “Hear the history. Belgrade Confluence “aims to highlight the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to the interpretation of cultural heritage through art and uses sound and visual art as educational tools for the interpretation of cultural, tangible and intangible heritage.

Through this exhibition, we wanted to explore the possibilities and limitations of human senses and their perception when it comes to the learning experience. In interpretation, we focused on hearing and the idea that sound can tell a story, thus provoking us to break away from the most ordinary visual perception of the world around us.

The scientific basis of this work is the doctoral thesis of Dr. Sanja Iguman, which deals with the complex cultural heritage of Belgrade focused on the confluence of the Sava and the Danube and The Great War Island, which for centuries was the natural border of two great cultures – Ottoman and Austro- Hungarian.

The story of the development of Belgrade through five centuries is told through a 10-minute audio installation that is presented to visitors together with a visual intervention, and through which the artist intervenes on the map of Belgrade by drawing, making collages and in other ways visually describing details from the history of Belgrade in parallel with the audio installation.

Besides that, the exhibition also includes info boards that describe events from the history of the Belgrade confluence and the Great War Island.

Video Series – The Romani Road –

The video series – The Romani Road – tells interesting stories from the history of Roma. The series invites the viewer on a winding road under the stars and reveals where the Roma people come from, how their exodus began and how they came to the Balkans.

Author of the series: Ilir Gasi

Video author: Igor Vujcic

Sound recording and editing: Maja Curcic

Music: Aleksandar Ćurčić, Marko Djukic

Kafanas Manual // musical drama about the nation (production of Belgrade Center for Human Rights, 2019)

Kafanas Manual is a participatory play for youth that addresses the topic of national identity in Serbian youth and it was created through several months of joint work of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights with young people from Serbia. Art Aparat participated in the creation of the musical parts of the play and the music production of the songs. The play combines acting, singing and animated parts.